Branding Your Company

Developing a Brand Identity, Tips & Tricks

Your company’s brand is all about how others perceive you. Perception is crucial in today’s competitive market, and it includes everything about your company, from its logo, name, product and reputation. These are the building blocks to creating a brand that gets you noticed and established as a leader in your field.
Below are a few tricks to develop your story into a valued brand.

Making sure your goals and vision are firmly established should be your first step. Your goals are the concrete facts about your company – products, financials and specific objectives. Your goals should answer the question, “what?” Your vision encompasses the “how” and “why” those goals will be achieved and should be flexible according the industry and economic climate. This is your company’s story, and it should make you stand apart from your competitors.

Your company offers a product or service. These should be clearly explainable in a few simple sentences. If you’re struggling to describe what your company does in less than 60 seconds, you need to hone your brand and develop greater immediate clarity. Consumers have a short attention span and want instant information.
Know your competitors as well as you know yourself and offer at least one thing that they do not. What makes you unique? If you don’t stand out from the crowd, customers and investors are unlikely to pay attention. You don’t have a brand that tells your story. Awesome customer service, low prices, best selection are all qualities that serve to differentiate you from the herd. Identify a need that your competitors are not meeting and highlight it on your website and in your ads.

Understand that while you are selling a product or service, your customer is buying your brand. What’s the difference? Let’s say the product your company sells is perfume. Your brand is selling romance, excitement, and glamor. Perhaps you’re in the insurance business. You’re offering the same product as your competition, and it won’t be easy to make it exciting. How do you develop a brand that attracts customers? By emphasizing your one-of-a-kind service. Insurance is your product. Customer service and trust is the unique brand that sets you apart. Never forget that branding is an appeal to the emotions.

These days, you cannot build a brand without an online presence, and your online platform needs to go beyond a simple website. Your website should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Visitors will lose interest quickly if they are forced to hunt down relevant information. You need interesting content that is informative, answers questions, and provides value to your site’s visitors. The right content can underscore your brand in a positive way. If you’re selling cars, for example, your content should appeal to your specific customer. If you’re selling a family SUV, your brand will emphasize safety. If your product is a Jaguar, you’ll want your message to be about sex appeal and adventure. The products are the same, but the brands are very different.

Boring, irrelevant content and hyperbole will drive potential customers away. It’s engaging stories and information about your specific industry and what makes you unique that will keep them coming back.

Your website will probably be a customer’s first introduction to your company. It should clearly reflect your brand and company values. You might only have a few second to reach your visitor, so make that time count. Don’t let your special message get lost in unnecessary verbiage. Present your brand in broad strokes that are attention-getting. Walmart’s brand is its low prices, and everything on its website drives home the message that this is where to find a bargain. Pay attention to your website’s colors. If your product is associated with specific colors, they should be used in the overall design. The art and photos should be a direct extension of your brand and should convey your message consistently.

When you promote your website on social media, keep your message consistent with your website. Your logo, slogan and content should reflect who you are on all social media sites. This builds trust and authenticity, which is the singular trait consumers look for in a brand.
Nothing is more important to your brand than how your company is perceived. Develop a unique message that gets noticed and encapsulates who you are and what you have to offer. The right branding will have customers seeking you out rather than you having to pursue them.